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    Mill history

    MainpaigeMill history

    PJSC RKTK previously was known as Rubezhnoye Cardboard and Paper Mill. It was built based on the Decree of the Soviet of Ministers of the UkrSSR No. 323 of 19 June, 1981 "About ensuring construction of waste paper based cardboard and paper mill in Rubezhnoye, Voroshilovgrad Region in 1982-1986. 

    Based on the Resolution of the Lugansk State Administration of 30 June, 1994 the Cardboard and Paper mill was reorganized to the Open Joint-Stock Company Rubezhnoye Cardboard and Packaging Mill (PJSC RKTK). 

    The first shareholdersĺ meeting was held on 20 March, 1996. 

    Main stages of development 

    1991 Started up production facilities and reached design capacity of 100 000 t/year of testliner and 112 mln.sq.m/year of corrugated cases
    1992 Started production of white-top and brown-top testliner

    Started production of 3-colour printed boxes


    Started production of 100% waste paper based corrugated medium.

    Started up the second corrugator of 52 mln.sq.m/year capacity (LGKP ľ 06) and signed the State Commission Report for putting the Mill into operation. 

    Started production of complex design boxes.

    1997 Commissioned 6 MW steam turbine,upgraded the Board Machine (PM1) press section
    1998 Started production of triple-wall corrugated board
    2000 Obtained ISO- 9001 certification for the quality management system,Installed Simon high-speed rotary die-cutter,commissioned a multi-point gluer.
    2002 Purchased a new production site in Ukrainka, Kiev Region,installed and commissioned a BHS corrugator,installed and commissioned a Paper Machine of 40 000 ton/year capacity (PM2).

    Obtained EBRD loan for new production equipment.

    Commissioned gas turbine for CHP unit of 15 MW capacity. 

    Established high-quality offset printing department.

    Quality management system recertified for ISO- 9001:2000.Quality management system recertified for compliance with International Standards


    Upgraded the Paper Mill Stock preparation section. 

    Installed 6-colour flexographic printing machine Bobst Flexo-200.


    Purchased a new die-cutter Bobst SPO Automatic and a fitting assembler.

    Installation of additional line for  prodaction of large dimensioned package.


    Quality management system recertified for compliance with International Standards ISO- 9001:2000


    Company started implementation of the Investment Program for the production development. Started Construction of PM3. Installed additional 2-colour offset printer, Planeta, in the High Quality Printing Department.


    Company put into operation new passageway for vehicles. Installed Winder and MSB reel handling system at PM1, and Winder and MSB reel handling system at PM2.

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